Broken and restored toothpick trick

This  very convincing free illusion can be performed anywhere, easily and with powerful results.


A napkin is placed on the table , then a toothpick is put on top and in the center of the napkin. Then you fold the napkin so that the toothpick is inside the folded napkin, the spectator is asked to break the toothpick inside the folded napkin, remember the spectator breaks the toothpick himself . As well as this, everyone can double check it and even hear the sound of it breaking. Then you can make some magical gesture over the folded napkin and tooth pick. Then the spectator unfolds the napkin and everyone can see that the toothpick has restored.


Fabric napkin with seams on the sides.  2 toothpicks

Secret and preparation:

Before this trick , insert 1 toothpick into the one of the seam on either side of the napkin. This toothpick is the one which is going to be broken . Then the trick is ready to be performed.

Method :

Show the audience a napkin on both sides then lay it on the table or bar . You must remember on which side the seam with hidden toothpick is . Then take out a toothpick from its box and place it on top of the napkin.

Then fold the napkin by bringing all 4 corners over the toothpick to the opposite side, remembering where the last position of the seam with hidden toothpick is. After the napkin is folded, grab the seam with the hidden toothpick and ask a spectator to break the hidden toothpick, after that you can let  another spectator check the broken hidden toothpick without opening the folded napkin. You should always hold the napkin to make sure spectators don't do something that can mess the trick. Then you make a magical gesture over the napkin then put it back on the table, then unfold the napkin and find that the toothpick is restored.

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