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medium difficulty card tricks

This page shows some powerful tricks of medium difficulty to learn. These tricks require a little more practice than the easy ones but your practice should be well rewarded with an impressive card trick at the end. The more practice that you put in, the more your skill level and dexterity at handling cards should increase also.

card cut trick

Impressive card trick where you, the magician, after various cuts and shuffles can still cut the deck straight to your spectator's chosen card, watch the performance followed by the tutorial, here This one usually gets a great reaction from your audience.


Card Trick Transposition

This is a cool card trick performed with a wine glass, demonstrated by talented UK magician Andy Field. The card trick transpose is a trick that is ideally suited to be tried out in a restaurant or bar as the materials used are usually easily found in these places. Take a look at this entertaining video as Andy explains how to do this cool trick and lets you know any useful sleights that are used during the performance.





Houdini was well known as being an excellent escape artist. Watch as you use a deck of cards to perform a fantastic escape style trick.


Red And BlackTrick 

Here's a cool trick to try out where you can easily detect two spectator's cards that are hidden in the pack. Useful card trick to add to your repertoire explained well by Dave Foydel from the Expert Village. The video also explains a nice little variation that you can do to enhance the trick.




Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card magic tricks . There are many cool sources available online where you can gain some insight into learning creative magic tricks. Many well explained tutorials are listed on You tube but it is worth your while to look around as the quality of the tutorials can vary quite a lot


Also, magician Andy Field, who demonstrates one of the tricks on this page has a very good magic tricks website which is worth a visit.