Magnetic Matches Trick

Matches are magically magnetized, suspended in mid air, and finally demagnitized in this very clever free illusion.


Magician introduces that match sticks have a special property...they can be made "magnetic". The magician pulls out a matchbox and opens it 1/4 of the way to show the heads of the matches and shake them around to show they are loose, then closes the matchbox shut. The magician then turns the matchbox over and waves a hand over the box claiming to "magnetize" the matches. The magician then proceeds to open the box upside down, holding the match head end of the box lightly between two fingers. The matches do not fall. Then...with a quick shift of the hand, the magician then "demagnetizes" the matchbox and the matches fall to the ground.


Take a box of wooden matchsticks, shorten one matchstick to the width of the matchbox and press it into place ACROSS the other match sticks at the half-way point in the box. It should be tight enough to hold the other matches in place and still allow you to open and close the matchbox. This match holds the others in place. A gentle squeeze on the sides of the box will cause the matches to fall out.

     Prepare matchbox by placing shortened match across the others        Show spectators matches in box.        Turn box upside down and pull out drawer.        Squeeze gently and the matches will fall out.

            1)Prepare matchbox                           2)Show matches to spectators            3) Open matchbox upside down      4)Gently squeeze the sides to release.

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