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The internet is a rich source of reference material for many fields. The purpose of this page is to list some of the most useful reference sites for information on the field of magic tricks. The page is constantly being updated as we source more useful magic sites and recommendations.

Good all round magic trick learning site contain lots of good card tricks with clear illustrations. Good source of free card tricks

Home of the famous msmag who is very popular on youtube. This site contains lots of free card trick and card sleight tutorials.

Good source of many card tricks and sleights. Also other popular magic categories such as coin and street magic are accommodated.


As mentioned earlier on this page, this links page is being constantly updated. If you have a suggestion of a useful magic learning resource to link to on the page, feel free to submit a link request to this site.


This site will also continue to grow and increase the number of tricks and categories available in the near future.