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easy card tricks

This page shows some very impressive easy card tricks to learn. A card trick does not have to be difficult to learn to be impressive, indeed it is better to practice a relatively easy trick to a polished standard than to make a messy performance of a more difficult one. Enjoy trying out some of these hand picked, cool card tricks.

Easy card prediction trick


 mind reader card trick

Here is an easy enough to learn card trick which you can use to demonstrate your skills at mind reading. Mind reading is a popular theme with spectators so you can improvise your patter to make the most of this and add to the entertainment value of this very entertaining trick.



upside down deck

Here's a really cool card trick where your spectator chooses any card from a face down deck, memorizes the card and inserts it back in the deck. Watch the expression on their face when you hold the pack behind your back and reveal their card. The instruction video below, explains the performance and secret to this reputation maker.




Here's a great self working card trick where you use two cards from the deck to find your spectator's chosen card. The beauty of self working tricks is that they are difficult to mess up and so are good beginners tricks and good at building a beginner magicians confidence with regards to performing a trick in front of an audience.


Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card magic tricks . With a little practice doing some easy tricks, you should soon find that you will be able to start practicing some slightly more advanced ones. One of the reasons is that a few card sleights such as a double lift are used in quite a lot of card magic tricks so you will be able to use this powerful sleight many times during your magic performance.