Card Warp



This is another illusion where the cards appear to warp through the pack

Effect : A red 5 and a red 6 are shown to a spectator and given to the spectator to place anywhere in a pack of cards.

The magician then takes the pack from the spectator and clasps his hands round the pack with his arms outstretched. He appears to be concentrating very hard, with his attention focused on the cards.

He then removes his hand and shows the pack to the spectator. On turning over the top two cards of the pack , they are the red 5 and 6 .

This trick is extremely convincing and requires good presentation skills

Secret :  Give a 5 of diamonds and a 6 of hearts to the spectator to place in the pack ( do not draw attention to the suits, only that they are a red 5 and 6. )

To prepare for this trick, make sure that the pack has already got the 5 of hearts and the 6 of diamonds on top, face down before handing it to the spectator .The spectator should not realise that the cards have changed as they are the same colour as the original ones.

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