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advanced level card tricks

This page shows some tricks of a more advanced level to learn to learn. These tricks require a little more practice than the easier ones as they normally contain quite a few sleights integrated into the performance but your practice should be well rewarded with an impressive card trick at the end. The more practice that you put in, the smoother and more polished, your performance should become.


jumping Gemini card trick

Impressive card trick with four cards where the cards seem to randomly change into other cards. This great little routine will get you plenty of practice in using some popular card sleights. The video shows the performance of the trick followed by a tutorial.


ace card trick

An enjoyable four aces card trick to try out. You can find an instruction video for the Emsley Count used in this trick at the bottom of this page. This trick benefits from a few practice runs before trying it out on an audience.





elmsley count tutorial

A tutorial for the card sleight used in the Ace card trick. This is a cool sleight that is incorporated into some of the best card tricks around.


Triumph Card Trick explained

This video shows and explains the workings of the excellent card trick known as Triumph. The trick is demonstrated by Disturb Reality which is one of the better You tube magic trick learning channels.

Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card magic tricks . Re: practice. The advantage we all have is that a pack of cards is compact and can can be carried around easily or stored in a drawer at your work. This should leave it handy for grabbing the opportunity for a few short practice rounds during a break or any time you are feeling bored.