Card Trick  - Spell The Card


Amazing and convincing powerful free magic for use by card magicians.

This first secret sequence of cards will allow you to conjure up the card of your choice from any suit in the deck. In the example  illustrated below, the spades have been set up in order for the magic spell trick to be performed (You could use any of the other suits set up in the same sequence).

cards in order to spell

Set the cards up in the above order so that the queen of spades is on the top of the pile when you hold them face down for dealing. You then spell A-C-E , placing one card underneath the pile for each letter of the card except for the last letter which is turned up to reveal the card you spelt.

Should you wish to successfully spell the whole deck of playing cards, then the pack should be set up in the following order .

Clever magician secret card dealing order to enable cards to be used for spell card trick.

Card magician can now deal and spell every card in the pile.

Free card secret to allow powerful magic tricks to be performed.

Playing cards ready in order for the card magician do a magic trick with cards.

You then spell A-C-E out loud, putting the A and C underneath the deck. You then turn the next (E) card face up to reveal the ace. You then continue on in this way until you have spelt the whole deck.

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