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card trick sleight of hand

Card sleights are the secret moves used in many card tricks which allow the magician to perform seemingly magical tricks. Performed well, the audience should be unaware that the pack of cards have been secretly tweaked.

This page contains demonstrations of some of the most useful basic card tricks which can be integrated into lots of exciting card trick routines. It is worth spending time perfecting these moves as you will be able to them over and over again as the basic secret moves of many favorite card tricks.


double lift

The double lift is a clever sleight of hand where two cards are lifted of the top of the pack at the same time. The cards are held together and manoeuvered in such a way that they appear as one card. The audience are shown the face of the second from the top card which they believe to be the top card. The cards (still being held together) are then placed back on top of the deck.



false cut

A false cut is a way of cutting a deck of cards. This should convince your audience that the cards are randomly mixed throughout the deck. If done correctly, the cards will remain in the same order as they were before you started the false cut.




false shuffle

A false shuffle is where you appear to shuffle a deck of cards, convincing your audience that the cards are thoroughly mixed and that you do not know the order of the cards, Again as with the false cut, the cards remain unchanged in their order.


how to palm a card

The card palm is a very useful move in card magic and demands a lot of respect. It basically is the art of hiding a card in the palm of your hand while maintaining the hand in a natural looking position. Done correctly, your spectator should be totally unaware that you have a card hidden in your hand and you should be able to move the hand around normally and unsuspiciously.




how to force a card

Forcing a card involves the magician offer displaying the deck of cards to their spectator and inviting them to pick any card of their choosing. What they don't know is that the choice was not completely free and that the card that they picked was suitably "forced" upon them by the magician. There are several ways of forcing a card. The video below shows a few techniques to get you started.


pinky break

The pinky break is a very useful sleight in card magic and can allow you to perform some really cool card magic. The sleight involves using your pinky to make a little break in the deck to allow you to keep track of a certain card. The tutorial video below shows a few ways of obtaining this very helpful move.


You can also find some useful cuts and shuffles here.


Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card magic tricks