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card trick sleights - CUTS AND SHUFFLES

Cuts and false shuffles are an important part of a card magicians repertoire and convince the audience that the pack is completely mixed

This assurance reinforces the strength of a card trick as the audience are unaware that the magician may actually be aware of the exact position of a card in the deck.

A few methods of cuts and shuffles are explained below here..


riffle shuffle

To carry out this popular and visually impressive shuffle, the deck is held face down in your right hand. With your left thumb, drag a small packet of cards into your left hand. Repeat the process of dragging a new small packet from the top of the pack in your right hand to the top of the pack in your left hand until all of the cards are in your left hand.


overhand shuffle

To perform the overhand shuffle, hold the deck of cards in your right hand with your thumb on bottom, middle and ring finger on top, and index finger putting pressure against the back. By putting a little pressure against the deck with your index finger, release half of the deck into the open fingers of your left hand, your right thumb controls the springing of the cards from one hand to the other.

Once half of the deck has been put onto the left hand, use your left hand to grab these cards in a way that mirrors your right hand. Next just like you sprung the cards into your left hand, riffle the cards onto the table with both hands simultaneously. Push the cards together and square the deck to complete this impressive shuffle.

double undercut

Hold the deck of cards face down with the fingertips of your right hand, with your palm over the cards. Grab the bottom half of the deck with your left hand and place it on top of the pack in your right hand, while holding a break with your right thumb. Grab the bottom fourth of the deck with your left hand (the bottom half of the cards under the break) and place it on top of the deck. Finally grab the rest of what is under the thumb break and bring it to the top, the cards are now in their original positions.


one hand cut

Hold the pack of cards in your right hand with your thumb along one of the long edges and your other four fingers along the other. Using your thumb let the bottom half of the deck drop into your palm. Slide your index finger underneath the portion that just fell into your palm, and push it towards your thumb. Once the bottom portion is pushed enough slide the top portion of the deck back slightly, letting the bottom portion slide over it, this will cause the top portion of the deck to fall from your thumb and into your palm, once this drop occurs use your thumb to square up the deck.





Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card magic tricks