Cheeky Pub Trick - Coin Through Table


A cheeky pub trick where you can win a drink from your mates

Challenge: Place a coin on a table or bar. Cover the coin with an upturned cocktail shaker or upturned cup or glass. ( If using a glass, make sure that it is the frosted type so that you cannot see the coin through it ). Bet your friends a drink that you can pick up the coin from the table without touching the upturned container, on top of it. Your friends should laugh at this seemingly impossible task & accept the bet.

Secret: Make sure that you have an identical coin to the one on the table, handy in your pocket,.

Hide the identical coin in your right hand and reach under the table with this hand. Using your best acting skills, appear to be dragging the coin that is under the container, through the table. After a little well acted struggle, you present the identical coin from under the table to your friends and boastfully let them know that you have won the bet & that they owe you a drink.

Someone nearly always figures the trick out and demands that you lift the upturned container to prove that the coin has really disappeared. When they ask, ask them to be your guest and lift the container. Of course, when they lift it, the coin will still be there. Quickly and confidently reach out and pick up the coin on the table. Voila !!!! You have completed your task and not touched the upturned container.

The look on your friends faces when they realize that they have been fooled makes this fun. This trick is a good ice breaker.

Try it just as a bet for fun

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