Rising Beer Bottle Trick


Take an ordinary beer bottle,  preferably with a flat bottom, because this will make it harder for others to try and duplicate the trick you perform.
Drink the beer first,  this is important!!!!
Place the empty bottle upside down on the table. Place your thumb against the side of the bottle with your fingers over the bottom.

Your thumb and first finger should appear to form a right angle or as close to a right angle as possible. Slowly pick up the bottle without touching it with your other fingers or anything else.

Once you've mastered this trick and performed  it,  ask the others with you to try and do it !!!

Bet a few beers on the outcome !!!

Method: Just before performing this trick, rub your thumb and fingers up and down the leather belt your wearing to hold your pants up. Do this several times. (No one will notice you doing this before the trick ).

The leather seems to give your fingers the dryness necessary to allow you to pick up the bottle. If you can dry the bottle, even just a little,  it will also help but it is usually not necessary (The wetter the spectators bottles are the more impossible it will be for them to pick the bottle up).

This one has won me MANY rounds in the PUB!!

If you want to try some really clever stuff, lots of great tricks and levitations are explained in the Learn to Levitate Video which explains how to levitate yourself and objects quickly and easily, leaving your audience completely surprised.

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