Beer Bottle Magic Trick


Make A Beer Bottle Stick To A Wall

This bar trick should be practiced, it is definitely not for amateurs!!

It is always best to take care and have consideration for the establishment you are in.

Remember if you are not at home, you are a guest. I never do this trick in yuppie bars because they are always fussy about scratching up their expensively decorated walls.

Have enough courtesy and respect to at least put a rubbish bin underneath the bottle to try to catch it.

(NOTE: There's no guarantee the rubbish can will catch it either) because it will not stick more than few seconds or minutes. This trick should be done in an area where there is a soft floor covering.

REMEMBER: This bar trick will not work on all wall surfaces. DRY-WALL is generally a good surface (but not always). This bar trick has been known to work on some other surfaces to.


If the bottle breaks or you scratch up expensive wall paneling, this trick it is also a great way to get thrown out of your favourite bar on your ass!!! Be careful!!!

GOAL: To freak people out by sticking a bottle to a wall without glue or bubble gum.

MATERIALS: One EMPTY beer bottle and a wall made of DRY-WALL ( No stupid!! Not a "dry wall" but a wall "MADE of DRY-WALL")

HOW ITS DONE: Walk over to a corner, place the empty beer bottle in the corner making sure that each wall is flush with the bottle.

Gently rub the bottle in an up and down motion with VERY VERY short strokes. (The bottle should not move more than 3cm in either direction)

Friction will cause the bottle to move in even shorter movements, when the bottle doesn't move in either direction, let go GENTLY.

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