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Everlasting Ash

Effect: A friend is challenged to see who can smoke a cigarette the longest distance without losing any ash.
You win.
Preparation: You will need a packet of cigarettes and a paperclip

Method: Everything starts off OK, but soon they realise that they are fighting a losing battle as your entire cigarette refuses to let a single piece of ash drop!  
Secret: It's all in the hidden paperclip!
Simply straighten it out and slide it down your cigarette (taking care not to punch a hole in the side in the process). Make sure it slightly digs into the filter so as to give it some stability.
Now, snip off the end. This should give you a normal looking cigarette with no protruding wire(s).
When the cigarette is lit and smoked, it should look completely normal.

Remember you can add the wire to the cigarette at any time before the trick. The cigarette 'tastes' normal (or so I'm told) so if someone thinks it is a fake just let them have a drag.
If you are a good play actor then you can pretend to cast a 'hex' upon it.
Remember - a decent pub trickster always puts on a really good performance when needed!

        Obtain a cigarette and a paperclip          Straighten out the paperclip.          Insert the straightened paperclip into the cigarette.          Ash should remain whole if you are careful with the cigarette.       

         1) Obtain cigarette and paperclip     2) Straighten paperclip               3) Insert paperclip in cigarette             4) Ash should remain whole.

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