Anti Gravity Beer Bar Trick


Effect: An annoying person returns from the toilet to find that their bottle of beer has been turned upside down without any beer falling out. The bottle is then handed to them, when the beer spills all over the place in mid air !!! .

Preparation: You need

A packet of cigarettes.
A full bottle of beer.
A beer mat.
Sharp scissors or a knife.
A fast pair of running shoes.  

Method: Take the plastic wrapper off the cigarette packet and cut a circle just big enough to cover the rim of the bottle.
Wet the rim and stick the plastic circle on top of the bottle.

Place a beer mat on top of the bottle and holding the beer mat in place, turn the bottle upside down.
Carefully remove the beer mat and the plastic should keep the beer inside the bottle. You can bluff this as being the effect of your magic powers.
When your friend returns, it will look like the beer is defying gravity.
While they are still amazed, ask them to take a seat and hand them the inverted bottle.
Tap the bottom of the "magic" bottle gently and run as fast as you can as your friend gets soaked with beer.

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