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the magic of card tricks

There is a never ending sense of sheer entertainment to the art of card tricks. By far, the most popular branch of magic, there are thousands of variations available to learn from various sources.

The purpose of this magic trick learning site is not to teach you thousands of card tricks but but to start with the basic mechanics of the art of card trickery and then move on to cherry pick some of the best and most memorable performances available in easy, medium and advanced trick categories.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so wherever possible we have included step by step photo instructions or some helpful instruction videos.

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patience is your friend

The urge is always there to jump in and try out lots of tricks on your friends straight away but as in many things, a little patience will be well rewarded when learning the art of conjuring.

It is better to learn one or two stunts and sleights and practice them sufficiently so that you can perform them very smoothly than to bull doze your way through a handful of card tricks performed to an unfinished standard.

Lack of preparation and practice will leave you open to your audience spotting your "secret" moves and take out a lot of the fun, mystery and suspense from your act.

We have divided the magic lessons into sections so that you can use them as reference material to come back to whenever you have some spare time.

Take advantage of the magic links page to access some useful reference sites to further enhance your learning of some really good card tricks with a power finish.

At the very least you will be able to perform one or two entertaining tricks with cards which should serve you well through life as this kind of showmanship tends to have universal appeal and be very popular as a form of entertainment.

Enjoy learning and practicing some cool card amazement.